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Featured e-book: Content Marketing Strategy

The new mantra in marketing is, “content is king.” Content is considered relevant and valuable information to a clearly defined audience. Creating a content marketing strategy involves developing actionable goals that help your audience while building your own brand. We’ve prepared this e-book to help you develop your own content marketing strategy.

Come on in, take a look around, and browse our extensive library of inbound marketing resources. See something that peaks your interest? Feel free to download or share it with your colleagues. And, if there is anything we're missing that you'd like to see, e-mail us at marketing@palmeradagency.com and we'll get right on it.

This ebook will inform you on what you need to know to have a cohesive plan to drive business growth, while showcasing specific lead generation opportunities.

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Leads Generations Residential Solar

The new mantra in marketing is, “content is king.” Content is considered relevant and valuable information to a clearly defined audience.

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Content Marketing Strategy

Branding Web Design

Examining and evaluating the content and quality of your competitors’ websites will provide valuable insight into what they focus on, as well as what opportunities are available to you.

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Competitor Analysis

Awareness Digital Ads Print Design Web Design

What is a “buyer persona?” It’s a representation of your ideal customers and prospective customers, along with their needs, concerns and buying habits, based on market research and customer data.

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Buyer Personas

Branding SEO Web Design

Developing a brand and a brand personality are critical to the success of any business.

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Brand Development

Awareness Print Design Web Design

When it comes to the written word, Palmer strives to ensure that every word used in our copy and content is precise, useful and correct.

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Tone Of Voice

Awareness Branding Social Media

By conducting a brand evaluation and finding out customer perceptions, brand strengths and customer recall, we can build a creative platform that enhances the company or product.

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Palmer Brand Audit

Awareness Digital Ads Print Design Web Design

There’s a good reason why many top brands are on Facebook - it works. It helps attract new customers and drive them to a company’s website.

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Attract Customers With Facebook

Generating new leads is the lifeblood of every business. There are some key strategies and tactics that are used to generate these leads, and some are far more effective than others.

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How To Generate More Leads

Major banks and online lenders like Quicken Loans are eating into the market share of traditional credit union lenders.

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Drive New Business With Loan Campaigns

You’ve seen and heard the various social media channels that form today’s communication landscape. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube - the list goes on and on.

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28 Steps To Master Social Media

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