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Major banks and online lenders like Quicken Loans are eating into the market share of traditional credit union lenders. But there are unique ways to regain customers by using a digital approach to market your loan offerings to your target customers. We’ve prepared this ebook to show you the different ways you can accomplish this without overspending your budget.

In this ebook, you’ll learn the following:

  • Targeting current members using online tactics
  • Developing campaigns for potential members
  • Collecting data needed to plan the campaigns
  • Creating your key targets list for marketing
  • Building a need for members and prospects
  • Developing the overall loan campaign
  • Accessing key marketing tools
  • Gathering content tips for online marketing

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About the Palmer Process

For over 30 years, we’ve perfected the "Palmer Process" — which helps to uncover the core values and vision for your company. It’s both scalable and affordable, and is designed to put your advertising on a firm strategic foundation that meets your immediate and long-term goals. We’re happy to share it with you — just call or email us for a no-obligation consultation.

“Our solar company has worked with Palmer for a year and a half, and we couldn’t be happier. Palmer truly feels like part of our team. Their project management, media management, and creative are all top-notch. And because they listen so well, they usually get the creative right the first first time, avoiding expensive back and forth.”

Susan Boucher, Marketing Director

New England Clean Energy

“We were very excited for the opportunity to host the very first All-Star game,” said Brain Sloan, VP of Corporate Partnerships, Everett AquaSox Baseball Club. “With a limited advertising budget and the desire to draw in a big crowd, we turned to our trusted partners at Palmer.”

Brian Sloan, VP of Corporate Partnerships

Everett AquaSox Baseball Club

“Drew Palmer has been in the advertising industry since the early days when publications used hot wax, light tables and Exacto knives. He has re-invented himself over the years and kept pace with the changes, anticipating those changes and has emerged as a leader in an ever-changing industry.”

Stan Countz, Business Development


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