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Take a look at a few of the projects we’re most proud of! If you want to learn more about our process for making it all happen, click here.

Financial Center Credit Union wanted to energize their customers and shake up the idea that loans are only for a certain generation. So, we thought what better way to convey this idea than to create a campaign that encapsulated the energy of a music festival. Visuals, colors, and fonts were bold, bright and overall fun.

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FCCU: Loanapalooza

Financial Center Credit Union noticed that for many the idea of getting a loan can be intimidating. We created a fun and stylish campaign that would remind the FCCU customer that the loan buying process can be an easy, dare say thrilling process when you partner with financial experts.

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FCCU: Moneyland

Bank of Stockton has 150-year legacy of working with families and businesses. This campaign shows that their success is from putting their customers and community first.

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Bank of Stockton: Customers

Bank of Stockton is a community banking leader in Northern California, paving the way since 1867. The strategy was to create print ads, billboards and digital ads; targeting the local area using imagery and headlines that would inspire and touch on the heart strings of the community.

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Bank of Stockton: Here for You

Financial Center Credit Union wanted us to concept a campaign that would run during Valentine’s Day to advertise their auto loan offerings to their members in a modern, trending way. We played off of the theme that cars can be the love of your life.

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FCCU: Car Heads

ACCU is a leading credit union in Arizona. ACCU approached Palmer to develop a new brand for them that would differentiate the credit union from their competition. We implemented our Palmer Process to develop brand differentiation that created a brand essence and brand platform that separated ACCU from its competitor.

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Arizona Central Credit Union

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