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Take a look at a few of the projects we’re most proud of! If you want to learn more about our process for making it all happen, click here.

In two years, Blue Raven Solar has experienced unprecedented growth, quickly establishing themselves as industry leaders. Our partnership has created several campaigns elevating Blue Raven Solar’s brand recognition while highlighting their commitment to provide solar energy to customers nationwide.

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Blue Raven Solar

SunGreen Systems is a commercial solar installer that helps businesses save money on their energy expenses by offering commercial solar, LED retrofit, cool roofs and more. Palmer was tasked with re-branding the company.

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SunGreen Systems

Boviet is a solar panel manufacturer located in Vietnam. Boviet approached Palmer to develop a brand that would introduce them to the American market. We implemented our process to develop brand differentiation, create a brand essence, and create a platform that separated Boviet from its competition.

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Boviet Solar USA

Valley Solar is a residential solar installer located in Western Massachusetts that helps families save money on their electric bills, providing efficient solar systems from an experienced craftsman solar installer.

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Valley Solar

Solect Energy is a leading commercial solar integrator in Massachusetts. Due to Palmer’s experience in the solar field we were selected to launch the Solect Energy brand to the Chicagoland market. Illinois launched solar incentives for businesses to go solar, and Solect desired to be one of the first to get their brand name in front of businesses.

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Solect Energy

Baker is a Southern California residential solar installer who helps families save money on their electricity. The competition for residential solar in California is extremely saturated, and Baker was not standing out.

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Baker Electric Solar

Citadel Roofing and Solar is a residential solar installer who helps families 'be empowered' from escalating electric cost and be energy independent. Palmer was tasked with re-branding the company.

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Citadel Roofing & Solar

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