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Looking for the best
marketing agency in San Diego?

Look no further. Palmer Ad Agency has been helping small to medium-sized businesses and large corporations from San Diego to New York brand and market their products and services for more than 30 years. We’ve seen it all, so we know we can help you meet your specific strategic goals.

Helping San Diego Businesses Thrive

In our three decades, we’ve seen just about every marketing and sales challenge a business can face. Whether you need re-branding, online or traditional lead generation, a social media strategy, or a new marketing automation platform, we can help.

Developing and nurturing leads using modern digital marketing methods is our speciality. Today’s marketing tactics like content creation and SEO for inbound marketing, and online digital ads for outbound, are powerful tools. We can harness that power in a strategic manner that connects with your target audience, generates quality leads, nurtures those leads effectively, and achieves your marketing goals.

Other reasons top-rated Palmer Ad Agency is the best advertising firm for you:

  • We have intense knowledge of digital (Google, Facebook, etc.) and traditional (print, TV, radio, etc.) advertising tactics and local media markets.
  • Creativity is our middle name. We’re consistently rated one of the San Diego's most creative agencies.
  • Responsiveness, fair pricing and clear accounting are ingrained in our business ethic. Contact us today to discuss your business challenges, even if you’re not sure what exactly you need. Your email will not fall into a black hole. If you call, you won’t have to navigate a ridiculously long phone menu. We’d love to start a conversation.

Contact us today to discuss your business challenges. We’re here to help, even if you’re not sure what exactly you need. And, we promise your email won’t end up in an inbox abyss, never to be heard from again. Old-fashioned phone calls work too, and you won’t need to navigate a ridiculously long phone menu when you call us.



We are a solar market leader in Southern California. Our messaging, marketing and communications needs to reflect both our position and the Baker brand. Palmer, as an agency and with their past experience with solar companies, was the right fit for us. They have delivered a unique messaging campaign that is smart, fun and distinguishes us from other solar companies.

Mike Teresso, President

Baker Electric Solar

Case Study

"I wouldn’t have been able to get my startup off the ground without Palmer Ad Agency. Palmer has been more than just an agency -- they've been a partner. From design, to development, to marketing, the team at Palmer has understood the vision I have for my company and helped me make it a reality.”

Natalie Holzaepfel, Chief Executive Officer

Aliro Immigration

“The team at Palmer has helped our business rebrand and move into the digital marketing and sales arena. Always friendly, always responsive, and a true partner to our business. We are fully committed to HubSpot being the key to taking our sales to the next level (of course with Palmer’s expertise and creativity). We know it will take some time to get scaled up and using all of its features, but it is obvious what it can do for us if utilized. We are so excited what HubSpot & Palmer can do for us.” 

Dave Cribb, Chief Operations Officer

Leap / Carpenter / Kemps Insurance Agency


We love meeting face-to-face to, so if you are in the area stop by to meet our San Diego marketing team and we'll grab a coffee while we discuss your marketing goals and challenges.